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The first Friday in March is always reserved as National Employee Appreciation Day. Each year on this day, employers across the country pause to give thanks to their valued team members, and I am always proud to join in.

This year feels different—because it is different. It’s been a challenging year, and so much has happened since the last Employee Appreciation Day. I always knew that our team was strong, resilient, and hardworking, yet you have exceeded my wildest expectations. Through every obstacle, you have persevered. You have shown commendable commitment and dedication, and I am so thankful and proud.

As a staffing company, we are in a unique situation in that we have two groups of employees to celebrate. We have the great honor and privilege of not only having internal employees, but also putting people to work in our clients’ workplaces. It is important to me that you know this: whether you are an internal employee or a contract worker, whether you have worked for us for decades or days, whether you hold a leadership role or an entry-level position, you are equally valued and appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do,

Geno Cutolo
CEO, Staffmark Group