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Case Studies

THOMSON REUTERS:Creating A UX Team In One Month

THE CHALLENGE. Thomson Reuters was having issues attracting interactive and user experience (UX) talent through their current staffing sources. Their UX group receives requests cross-organizationally and, due to limited capacity, they were forced to turn many of them down. They contacted Digital People to quickly put key talent in place.

THE ACTION PLAN. With Digital People’s help, Thomson Reuters was able to:

Leverage their existing workforce.

Add two senior UX talent and two senior user interface talent within just one month’s time.

Allow the team to handle a much higher task load.

THE RESULT. Digital People has continued to attract new talent to Thomson Reuters’ workforce within front-end development, research, UX, interactive design, and content talent. By putting key team members in place, Thomson Reuters can now focus on tactical needs. .

HEALTH PARTNERS: UX Recruitment Overhaul

THE CHALLENGE. Health Partners, like many organizations, had a very small team executing user experience (UX) for their organization. Their team was forced to set limitations on projects or, worse yet, turn work away. They reached out to Digital People to attract senior talent to the organization and begin the process of growing their department. They needed to move quickly as they were receiving more and more requests from business leaders and stakeholders.

THE ACTION PLAN. Through Digital People’s network and knowledge of the UX community, they were able to:

Find talent with experience in mobile, strategy, and process.

Recruit several senior talent within a matter of weeks.

Get the new talent onboarded quickly.

THE RESULT. The new talent made an immediate impact in the organization. One individual was even promoted within two months to a leadership position. Within this role, he made a case for also implementing a UX strategy for the digital products they wanted to bring to market.

Today their group is a model for how internal UX teams should run. They have successfully implemented the Lean UX ideology that many large corporate groups have adopted and have become respected voices within the UX community.

OFFICEMAX: Introduction of More Accurate & Efficient Time-Tracking

THE CHALLENGE. In an effort to reduce agency costs, OfficeMax brought the development of their all-encompassing product catalog in-house in 2008. Knowing the six-month project would still require outside help, their creative team brought in freelance graphic designers, production artists, copywriters, proofreaders, prepress experts and image editors to help with the effort.

Digital People sourced 44 freelance professionals for OfficeMax, allowing them to complete the catalog within the six-month timeframe and reduce overall project cost by keeping the project in-house. When the project recurred the following year, OfficeMax again wanted to add outsource staff to handle it, but also recognized a need to better track freelance hours and overall project spending.

THE ACTION PLAN. Digital People recommended replacing Office Max’s traditional hard-copy time card with an automated tracking system called Kronos. This new, automated system improved efficiency and accuracy, and allowed OfficeMax to:

Eliminate common mathematical inaccuracies caused by human error.

View time cards at any time, to better monitor the potential for overtime.

Assign available freelance hours to multiple projects – ensuring proper billing allocation between various departments.

Capture a variety of relevant data, and use it to create secure customized reports broken down by job title, employee, hours worked, accounts applied to, billed amounts, supervisors, etc.

Get up-to-the-minute spending accounts, to help with budget tracking.

THE RESULT. With the implementation of the Kronos system, Digital People helped OfficeMax hiring managers increase productivity by eliminating their need to personally monitor and sign time cards. The system also reduced the amount of timekeeping-related mathematical errors, thereby increasing billing accuracy. By assigning an account to each time card, OfficeMax was better able to manage freelance budgets. Together, these advantages helped OfficeMax manage current workloads and budgets more efficiently and more accurately forecast for future projects.

RR DONNELLEY: Managed Service Provider – Project Outsourcing

THE CHALLENGE. When this worldwide printing company took on a particularly big project, managers quickly realized that their existing freelance staff wasn’t vendor-approved at varying rates. This made it very challenging to track hourly pay rates, invoices and payments. To make sure their work continued to meet deadlines while staying within budget, the company wanted to establish a central location for invoicing and payment.

THE ACTION PLAN. Digital People worked hand-in-hand with the RR Donnelley team to create a customized solution that met their needs. This included:

Engaging Digital People to manage all aspects of the hiring process, which included employing all freelancers and contractors through Digital People, and facilitating compliance with related government standards and requirements.

Using Digital People’s online time-tracking system.

Consolidating invoicing.

Developing a consistent pay and bill rate for individual positions.

THE RESULT. Within one week, all freelancers and contractors were migrated to Digital People, and new freelancers were being engaged through Digital People. Working with the talent, consistent pay rates (by skill set and position) were established. Time-tracking for all talent was consolidated onto one master invoice. Together, these improvements gave RR Donnelley managers much more control over the project while saving them significant time in hiring and managing outsource staff, and processing invoices. They were able to use the time saved to focus on the project – which helped them complete it on time and within budget.

ACCUQUOTE: Restructuring for e-Marketing Opportunities

THE CHALLENGE. AccuQuote, a privately owned company that does business exclusively online, has grown dynamically to become one of the nation’s largest insurance brokers despite the economic downturn of 2009 and 2010. Looking to the future, in 2011, the company trimmed operating expenses while taking steps to strengthen its staff.

Part of this process involved revamping the marketing division to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities. Analysis of the business revealed that several division employees had been “home grown” for their current jobs and were not well-suited to meet some anticipated needs.

AccuQuote turned to Digital People to find an online marketing consultant who would become familiar with the company’s entire operation, identify new online channels and growth opportunities, review the current marketing function and staff, eliminate unneeded positions, define new ones, and make recommendations for staff reassignment.

THE ACTION PLAN. Digital People worked with AccuQuote executive management and HR representatives to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the situation, then acted as the exclusive staffing partner for the consultant position. This involved working with the client to define the role and determine the background and knowledge level requirements, using state-of-the-art methodology to find the best candidates, then presenting candidates and onboarding the chosen one into the position.

THE RESULT. The consultant was subsequently hired as a Senior Vice President of Marketing, heading up all e-marketing initiatives. This exceeded the client’s expectations, and established a high level of trust between them and Digital People. Following this success, Digital People was retained as AccuQuote’s exclusive staffing partner for positions in the marketing and creative arena.

AVEDA CORPORATION: Direct Hire Outsourcing –Building an Entire Creative Team

THE CHALLENGE. Aveda Corporation, a global provider of sustainable beauty products, needed to create a more cohesive creative and marketing team. With their marketing and production team in Minneapolis and the rest of the creative team in New York, Aveda was weighing the options and required resources for building an entirely new creative team in Minneapolis. A broad spectrum of positions needed to be filled – including the Vice President of Creative Services, graphic designers, packaging designers and visual merchandisers – and it was also very important that candidates fit well into their unique culture. Adding to the challenge, Aveda didn’t have the resources to handle this creative recruitment project on their own.

THE ACTION PLAN. Following a lengthy and multi-faceted evaluation, Digital People’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services team quickly developed a customized program to find top candidates who were quickly recruited, qualified and hired. Activities included:

Providing recruiters who were dedicated to Aveda during the project.

Working with all levels of Aveda’s human resources and creative teams to develop “ideal candidate” profiles that reflected Aveda’s unique culture and environment.

Networking with established organizations within the creative and advertising community to generate leads.

Advertising job opportunities through a variety of media outlets.

Managing all aspects of the hiring process, including: sourcing passive and active job seekers, tracking, reporting, interviewing, screening, verifying, negotiating compensation, selecting candidates and making offers.

Coordinating interviews and managing the onboarding process.

THE RESULT. Digital People sourced, recruited and placed all positions within 90 days – despite travel-related interview restrictions. Finding the right person for the Vice President of Creative Services role represented a particular challenge, since he or she would be the face of the brand and everything it embodied. Once the position was filled, Aveda’s HR and recruitment team was able to focus their efforts on other growing areas of the company as well as dislocated employees in the New York market.

Having saved the company the expense of dealing with multiple recruitment vendors, inconsistent pricing and the huge potential duplication of effort, Aveda engaged Digital People as its exclusive staffing partner.