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Are you a digital diva, project pro, kicka** copywriter? Do you speak Geek? We partner with leading ad agencies and in-house creative departments to place professionals in just about every discipline you can name. Learn more about your future dream job title below by checking out our creative job descriptions. Click on a job title to view the current openings for that position with Digital People.

Creative job descriptions with Digital People


Creative Director. Serves as keeper of the creative vision. Directs and evaluates the work of art directors, copywriters, designers and others engaged in a project. Typically takes the lead in presenting creative content for new-business and client pitches.

Art Director. Possesses the rare mix of strategic thinking, artistic sensibility, design acumen and the ability to orchestrate the activities of photographers, illustrators, designers, printers and other creatives.

Graphic Designer. Thinks strategically and uses artistic, technical and organizational skills to create a product that perfectly packages the message to engage the target audience.

Production Artist. Assists designers in the preparation of files for print production, including image correction, pre-flight, file collection and archiving of materials.

Copywriter. Exhibits a flair for words, anticipates target audience attitudes and crafts the best possible message to elicit the desired response and spur the audience to action.

Proofreader. Compares documents to ensure accuracy, proper grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as adherence to style guidelines.

Prepress Specialist. Prepares files for printing, checking file formats, creating color separations, making plates and preparing proofs.

PowerPoint Specialist. Designs presentation slide themes and styles; prepares illustrations, graphs and other elements; and arranges content for readability and clarity.

Interactive job descriptions with Digital People


Interactive Project Manager. Defines and leads the implementation of online projects from inception to production launch and post-launch assessment, to meet pre-determined business requirements.

Interactive Marketing Manager. Develops and implements strategies across multiple channels including email, Web, social media and mobile, to reach target audiences and accomplish marketing goals.

Marketing Technologist. Serves as the key marketing leader and point of integration between IT services and the marketing area, leading marketing technology vision, strategy and operations.

Web Designer. Utilizes graphic design skills, artistic vision and technical knowledge to create a highly functional and visually inviting Website as an effective tool for communication and commerce.

Web Production Artist. Executes Web page design and inserts new content according to established style guidelines, ensuring navigation, text links and other elements are correctly functioning.

Web Content Writer. Develops and maintains a consistent voice for an organization’s online presence, and also crafts site promotions, email newsletters and online outreach campaigns.

Front End Web Developer. Puts the functionality into Website design with skilled use of development tools and effective collaboration with design, user experience and back-end team members.

User Experience Designer. Works primarily with navigation structures and interface functions to optimize the human-computer interaction to create a pre-determined and engrossing experience.

Flash Developer/Designer. Conceives and executes Flash movies for Websites and other interactive media by combining still images, sound, text, video and animations.

SEO Specialist. Focuses on paid and organic search strategies, managing keyword lists and analyzing specific data in support of online marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing Specialist. Develops and executes email marketing projects in concert with designers and copywriters with an eye on increasing target audience click-throughs with special offers and compelling content.

Web Analyst. Provides insights to organizations with large amounts of clickstream data, to drive actions with a reasonable chance of success as measured by key site outcome metrics.

Marketing job descriptions with Digital People


Account Manager. Acts as the primary liaison between clients and staff in advertising or multi-service agencies, to nurture the relationship and coordinate campaigns.

Marketing Director. Develops and implements strategies to promote products and services to customers and increase their profitability. Responsible for product and market development; pricing policies; and evaluating market research, market conditions and competitive data; marketing communications, advertising and promotions activities.

Marketing Manager. Executes marketing strategies and directs research, market conditions and competitive data. Typically oversees staff and activities in marketing communications, advertising and promotions.

MarCom Manager. Oversees staff and activities in marketing communications, advertising and promotions engaged in campaigns and other projects to promote products and services to customers.

Marketing Specialist. Gathers research, market conditions and competitive data. Implements projects within marketing communications, advertising and promotions.

Marketing Analyst. Provides information and insights into customers, markets, competitors and campaign effectiveness, in order to measure performance and support business decisions.

Public Relations Specialist. Reviews articles, press releases and online content for factual errors and adherence to corporate policy and style guidelines. Rewrites content to correct errors and assists in its distribution to news media and other communications channels, as directed.

Project Manager. Plans projects, communicates necessary tasks clearly to team members and provides progress updates to ensure successful completion on time and within budget.

Traffic Manager. Responsible for workflow scheduling of advertising and marketing communications projects; distributes timelines and estimates; coordinates the approval of project elements including layouts, copy and proofs; and ensures timely production and delivery.

Event Coordinator. Oversees budgets, timelines, ordering and logistics for events such as conventions, trade shows, sales meetings and conferences. Acts as the liaison for venues, vendors and other support services.

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