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Talent Testimonials

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“My experience with Digital People has been extremely positive, more so than any other agency. No one was as attentive or focused as you!”

- Craig, Marketing Manager

“I have to say you have the best agency. You guys are the only ones I have found who follow through, respond to phone calls, and return calls. I truly appreciate it, it is a rarity! So, thanks a bunch!”

- Ellen, Illustrator & Painter

“I have been working with Nazia for almost a month now and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and the Digital People team. Nazia took the time to review my background and qualifications to ensure the opportunity she presented me with was a good match. Once I was engaged in the interview process, Nazia was always available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and took a proactive approach to keep me informed. Im happy with the decision I made, and would welcome the opportunity to work with Nazia and the Digital People team again.”

- Widlande, Marketing Traffic Coordinator

“I cannot speak highly enough about the placement opportunities that both you and Digital People have been able to provide for your talent. Personally speaking I owe this most encouraging career opportunity to the efforts of Digital People and most importantly to you. I wish the best for you and Digital People as we move forward and continue to work together.”

- Jeff, Art Director

“During my job search, the knowledge and experience Karen brought to the table made me feel more confident, especially in this difficult market. Her help and support was greatly appreciated.”

- Deanna, Creative Director

“After struggling to find any useful assignments on my own, I was lucky to work with Karen, who was instrumental in me finding not one but two terrific freelance assignments. Karen is terrific to work with, and her commitment to finding the right assignments for people, not just whatever crosses her desk, is something I truly enjoyed as a freelancer. To top things off, the second assignment turned into a permanent position. I cant recommend Karen enough.”

- Corey, Copywriter